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 Bloodline/Clan Information

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PostSubject: Bloodline/Clan Information   Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:20 pm

Ok, so first things first you may find the bloodline/clan registration here. Pretty sure everyone already new that, but I'm just doing that to make sure. Now, what am I going to talk about?

First things first, I want everyone planning to create a bloodline to know that they do not have to have a character registered to make one. There will of course be no leader, but we admin have no problem with making sure they no one puts their paws on your approved clan, until you're character is finished. Also, your character must be at least a jonin, and of sutible age to lead a clan. When I say sutible, I mean at least 21 or something like that. I just don't want any 12 year-old genin leading a clan, and have jonin learning the clan moves from them. Would be some awkward role switching.

Anyways, now that I got that out of the way. Let's talk about the perks of having a clan, and such.
1. If your clan receives at least 6 members, then you will be able to apply to have your own group. For those that do not have a clue what a group is, please click the group button on the nav. bar. It'll explain it all. Btw, instant respect to the first clan to wipe out another clan Smile

Ok back on track
2.We have something on here called clan districts. Only five clans per village will be allowed to have their own district. Two original clans from the show, and three original. As with the groups, districts are ground zero for competition. Althought, the rules are a bit different than the group wars. You'd first need at least 15 members to qualify for a district, or a district war. Then ask an admin, and both clan leaders will engage in an old fashioned fight. Sadly, there is no killing allowed during a district war. The losing clan will not be able to challenge for another district, untnil a month later.

3. If you wish to apply for an original clan from the show, then simply ask one of the admins via pm.
We require that set guideline be made for a few clans. The main one being the Uchiha, and their sharingan.
-A roleplay sample maybe asked of you depending on the clan, or bloodline.

Not sure if I'm missing anything, but eventually I shall update this with the passing time. Have fun, and hopefully we see some clan wars in the future.

Actually, I forgot. Any clan war activity must be reported to an admin, in order for us to log it in this thread. Where everyone can see Twisted Evil
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Bloodline/Clan Information
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