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Attention to all S-Path RPG members. The Staffing of the Site has undergone a major change, the new Staff are Seigyo Khashi(Head Admin), Uchiha Kenshin and Caliburn(Admin), Shikyo Tensai and Ryuuji Hikaru(Global Mods), Zenaku(Mod) and Taizen Nirrikori(Mod). We Currently have no open Global Mod slots, One open Mod slot, and all Event Mod slots are open, Contact an Admin for infomation. We are currently looking for members, where ever we can get them and are running an advertising contest.

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 Summoning Registration

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Seigyo Khashi

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PostSubject: Summoning Registration   Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:20 pm

 [u][b][size=18] Summoning Name:[/size][/b][/u]
[u][b][size=18]Summoning Type:[/size][/b][/u](Weapon, Animal: if so what animal, etc etc etc)
[u][b][size=18]Summoning levels:[/size][/b][/u]( Right, the different variations of each “level”. Ex. Manda was the top Snake Summon, then Manda II was. I subject you set up a Genin-Anbu summon and one only the scroll holding can summon. But that’s not required. You just need a base form for beginners and more powerful form for masters. You can also make it so each person can request their own variation summon inside of your original request *After* they learn it.)
[u][b][size=18]Summoning Scroll Description/photo:[/size][/b][/u](Right, if you chose a description no less than two hundred words will be approved, five hundred would be best for a minimum.)

[u][b][size=18]Summoning Rank Requirement:[/size][/b][/u](Again, not required unless otherwise stated by an admin, this is just a way to control who can even ask to learn it)

[u][b][size=18]Style of Combat with the Summon:[/size][/b][/u](This one is actually optional, it's just for more detail that gives us more information)
[u][b][size=18]Rp Sample of use:[/size][/b][/u](Two hundred fifty words, at least if you would.)
[u][b][size=18]Requirements to Summon:[/size][/b][/u](What stat it is dependent on, and how much it takes for each level of the summon, percentage of skill wise)
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Summoning Registration
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