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Attention to all S-Path RPG members. The Staffing of the Site has undergone a major change, the new Staff are Seigyo Khashi(Head Admin), Uchiha Kenshin and Caliburn(Admin), Shikyo Tensai and Ryuuji Hikaru(Global Mods), Zenaku(Mod) and Taizen Nirrikori(Mod). We Currently have no open Global Mod slots, One open Mod slot, and all Event Mod slots are open, Contact an Admin for infomation. We are currently looking for members, where ever we can get them and are running an advertising contest.

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 Rules of the Site

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PostSubject: Rules of the Site   Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:19 pm

In the Spirit of Role-playing, everyone should consider a few set things. From time to time, we as Role-players no matter who you are forget the Spirit of Role-playing.

One Do not take anything serious. What does this mean? Do not take anything serious. Why? Because this is the internet. No one can touch you. No one can harm you in any way, so do not take anything serious. So be good, do not start fights, and please do your best to try and not take anything serious.
Two Try to have fun. Do your best to have fun, this is a type of creation to allow someone to relax and do what they wish in the world of Role-play. If someone gets upset with you, try to have fun with your character. If someone attacks you, hey try to make another character, or just try to survive with your character. If someone does something that you do not like, ask them out of character by sending them a PM. Tell them, hey I have something else planned with my character. Just remember to try to have fun.
Three Members are treated with respect. There is no such thing as the word "noob" within sites. Those that call others "noobs" are what they say "noobs" themselves. "Newbs" are those who are new to the site wishing to learn. Other members who wish to cause trouble are short term. Statistics such as post count, positions, or time spent on Naruto Forum Role-play are meaningless. Staffs are members; they should be seen as the board's workers, not as all-powerful deities. Everyone should aim to get along with one another, avoid conflict, respect each other, and respect the boards.

The Ten Board wide Rules

1 - No Flaming - Do not insult other members. A flame that is meant as a joke is not accepted. If an insult was obvious to be a joke to everyoneseeing it may be acceptable. However to be safe do not do it. If flamed, contact a Staff Member. Do not retaliate.
2 - No Baiting - Do not treat others badly. Do not treat others in an intention of angering or upsetting them. If you feel you are being baited ask them to please stop, however do not counter act with a flame or bait. If the one baiting continues, please contact a Staff Member. Sometimes a bait is considered to be a flame, if you receive one still please contact aStaff Member.

3 - No Drama Whoring - One who constantly craves the chaos, feeling, and attention that drama can bring along with it. Often the drama sleeper will send out messages with absolutely no content except for something inflammatory or retaliatory directed at another person they dislike. Keep all harmful personal objectives off the boards. Do not turn opinions within the community against other members or seek to discredit members that you do not like.

4 - No Harassment - If a member asks you to not contact them or interact with them through Private Messenger or within Naruto Forum Role-play please abide by the request or else it is considered to be Harassment. If a user is harassing please contact a Staff Member. A member may not ask or tell a Staff Member to stay away from a thread that needs Grading or Accepting. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly please contact Higher Staff
5 - No Flooding - Defined as either posting more than five new threads in the same forum in an one hour period without staff permission

7 - No Trolling - Trolling means deliberately seeking to cause damage to the community. Neo-trolling is another variant of this whereby you try to cause damage without making it seem like actual trolling (i.e.: subtle and intelligent trolling). This can include:

1. Maliciously exploiting 'loop holes' in the rules.

2. Seeking to constantly or massively undermine staff.

3. Massively or constantly publicly attacking the forum or how it is run on sites both associated and unassociated with the forum.

4. Privately plotting to cause problems on the forum.

5. Maliciously breaking rules.

6. After banning and returning by using other means.

7. Hacking - No hacking, or talking about hacking. Any form of speaking that may deal with hacking is an automatic ban.

8- No Public Complaints - Keep all Out of Character disputes away from In Character Interactions

9- Thread limit - You will be only allowed to post in 3 separate threads at one time.

10- God modding - We all know that it happens. I'm pretty chill, and will give you a couple of warnings before I take action.

11- Violence/Romance - This is a Naruto rp, so violence and romance are encouraged. However, cybering is not allowed in the public forum, or chat box. I have no problem with you going to the pm's, or doing it somewhere off site. Just as long as no one else sees it.
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Rules of the Site
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