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 Mission System(Please Read)

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PostSubject: Mission System(Please Read)   Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:58 pm

Well the title says it all. This is here is the mission system. I hope you read it all, as to not cause future problems.
I promise it won't be anything too complicated.

There are several mission types that one could choose from.
D-rank:Genin only
B-rank: Chuunin+
A-rank: Jounin+
S-rank: Anbu+

Pretty straight forward. Right?
Now here comes the complicated part(not really)

Missions are set up this way. Anyone may perform a total of 5 missions a week.YOU May not go over htis number, or repeat the same mission in the same week.

Now, you may ask how to perform said missions. Very simple. The kages of each village are in charge of making sure their shinobi get a mission. If you need one, simply ask and you shall receive. Then all you need to do is post in this section of the site. Now, many of oyu may ask the question of what if your kage isn't on to accept your mission request. Ask an admin.
-Seems a bit stupid I know, but this is just so we can keep track of a village's records. Each mission provides a set amount of money to a village/organization and also experience towards all who complete it.
-When a mission is completed, please contact an admin or mod to ensure that the mission requirements have been met.

Requirements for missions will be listed in the mission directory.
-Usually include the post limit, and objective needed to be accomplished in order to complete the mission.
-The higher the mission ranking, the more demanding these requirements will be.
Example: For a D-ranked mission you may only need to make a 500 word post, and catch a lost cat.
Then for an S-ranked mission, you would be required to make a 1500 words post of searching for an enemy hideout, and then defeat and admin-controlled enemy.

Lucky for you, there is an easy way out. Everyone has the option of choosing to join up with a team(max people is 3) in order to complete a mission. The number of posts will be divided equally around each member. However, the experience will also be divided.
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Mission System(Please Read)
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